path-of-vidya Path of Vidya
At the end of one world there will only be liquid advertisement and gaseous desire. Sublimated from our bodies, our untethered senses. At the end of another world will be the absolute ecstasy of life and the calling to our true nature. This world is the plenum of dreams and magnificent wonder. Which world do you believe I am talking about?

It has been 45 years since the Vidya technology has been introduced to Gaia. People play with it and enjoy the entertainment while others explore its ever deepening mysteries.  Despite people’s passion for Vidya a new Prime Leader of the Omni-State has risen to power and has shown a great amount of fear for what Vidya could reveal to humanity. Overhearing this Alexandros, of a small town in the heart of the Omni-State, has forced his will to choose a new path. Will it be the path towards reality or the path towards Vidya?