Phoenix Flame

I have recently shifted the majority of my attention into finishing my video game, titled “Path of Vidya” which uses the RPG Maker VXACE engine. You can check out a small synopsis of the game here.

Thank you to everybody who has helped me script most of the game’s inner working. That stuff is hard for me to navigate.

Also, a big thanks to any of my friends who came on my podcast “Aura Mystica” where we talked about spirituality/psychedelics on a level that I have never quite experienced before. I am going to reboot that podcast in the future and still have most of our saved conversations. If you are reading this and have recorded any of the conversations I had while I was on soundcloud. Please e-mail me at:

I deleted a lot of things that I thought I wouldn’t need again, but I want to get those back on air as soon as I get some things sorted out within my material existence!

Infinite Love,

– Jaron

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