Aura Mystica Episode 12: Time Ends where Synchronicity Begins
Rokazulu solo cast! How does one express their truth with compassion for other’s truths? When you become more of yourself it gets easier, and you find that synchronicity will guide you on the way. The future of humanity will be a society based on synchronicity and everyone’s truth, and not on control and someone else’s imposition.

Areas of Discussion
☯ Expressing your truth with compassion
☯ Stories of Zen Masters who could easily express the inexpressible
☯ Amethyst synchronicity story, the crystal of Truth!
☯ Ocean synchronicity story, Sagar trips on two tabs of LSD
☯ The Lower desires drawing energy from your higher desires
☯ Perfected Humans within the caverns of Earth
☯ Synchronicities and how they grow
☯ The new society of pure universal synchronicity