All of reality is point of view. The objective singular reality that the majority believes has a concrete existence is created within each of our own subjective experiences. That is to say, that each individual creates their own reality and therefore, take full responsibility to anything that they choose to create within that reality by virtue of the beliefs and definitions they have about it.

When you change your perception of reality, then it begins to change. This may seem in complete opposition to what we commonly believe to be true, but it is not. Whatever you believe to be true is what will be made real for you. Evidence of what is true for you only comes about if you have a belief in that reality first. Then you find that definition of reality reflected within your experience and begin to reinforce it despite whether that belief of reality happens to be a negative or positive interpretation.

This is all there is to the universe. What you put out is what you get back. Having realized this, you can now choose to believe in what serves you the most and let go of the beliefs that hold you back. Using beliefs as a tool for self-actualization you can then discover what all the ancient and modern mystics talk about when they speak of the colloquial term, “Enlightenment”. To “Know Thyself” is to realize your true nature, which stems from God also known as All That Is. Thus in the state of knowing beliefs become the definition of limitation. It is the ecstasy, bliss, joy, and boundless unconditional love that is our birthright to experience by accordance of being within the creation of All That Is. Creation never makes a mistake, therefore, the state of being of your highest joy is the resonance and vibration that the universe desires for you to dwell within, yet would never force upon your free will to choose otherwise.

– Jaron (aka Rokazulu)>
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